AYS Is a space in search of music and passion for it, in which string instruments are created giving them life from crafting. The direct work with each one of the materials that compose the instrument, makes the piece created unique in shape and musical capacity. Since 1992, Jose Ananias, along with a group of professional musicians has investigated, designed, and tested his instruments in search of sound excellence and comfort, incorporating new ideas, multiple ensembles of woods exclusively selected to achieve the tone and stability necessary, while at the same time providing the piece with accessories of latest technology and tested efficiency. This exquisite and technically strict creation process has resulted in a great variety of electric basses, guitars, and stand up basses, as well as other string instruments. “Each one of my instruments, as they are born, are provided with hand made tradition along with contemporary new technologies which keep the originality of each one of my pieces”

Jose Ananias





Email: info@aysbass.com